Initial Steps

It is no surprise the damage overpopulation causes not only the environment, but sustainability for wild horses who suffer running out of feed, illnesses, and other factors. Great news, this new cooperative program between nearby ranch families and the BLM is a fresh start for a sustainable herd that can continue to live on their high desert home. It is hopeful that a successful Beaty Butte herd management and training/adoption program can be the model throughout the West, bringing out-of-control herd numbers to sustainable numbers at last. If every HMA in the west could be managed at their established AML, wild horse and burro numbers would be about 27,000.

To make this program work all the horses that have been living on the Beatys Butte Herd Management area need to be removed so that there can be an accurate count to start with.  Approximately 1400 horses will be permanently removed from the HMA that is not to have more than 250 horses,  and 100 will be be selected to be returned to be the basis of the new herd. Most of the horses have already been removed, with the final gathers soon.   The horses are currently being cared for at the BLM Burns holding facility and, later, those that are to be returned will enjoy running free again.