Horses Available for Adoption

New foals will be born each year and a corresponding number of 2-4 year old horses will be selected from the herd to be trained by Adel area ranchers and prepared up for adoption.

A training facility with the capacity to care for up to 30 wild horses has been built near Adel, Oregon. The horses in training now are selected from the Beaty Butte horses being held in the Burns BLM Holding Corral until the herd returns and begins expanding.

All wild horses that enter the Beaty Butte Horse Training Facility can be adopted at any time. However, application process is required. Most horses are ready for adoption after 30-60 days of training at our facility.

Here are some options for adopting at the Beaty Butte Wild Horse Facility Site.

Contact Jim Hiatt (Program Director & Trainer): 541-219-0155


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